Sunday, May 3, 2009

Persephonous Blue, Volume 1 Preview

While we are still reviewing submissions, we are excited to say that we will be featuring the following pieces and authors in our upcoming journal. More to come!

"Garima" by Lara Konesky
"First Aid" by Daniel W.K. Lee
"Like A Wounded Thing" by Colin James
"If" by Stephanie Bryant Anderson
"passport" by leah angstman
"A Species of the Thesaurus" by Ben Nardolli
"Nonni bleeds her penitence" by Kristin Bapst
"Plastic Bag" by Timothy Freeman
"The Hole of the Cockroach" by KJ
"Not Even The Colour of Your Eyes" by JJ Steinfield
"The Road" by Christian Ward
"Cocktail" by Michael Weems
"And Satyrs Shall Dance There" by John Berbrich
"Charley Plays a Tune" by Michael Lee Johnson
"afterhours at the coconut" by puma perl
"Untitled" by Louis M. Watts
"Because It Was Night" by David McLean

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